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How To Get Over A Break Up And Heal A Broken Heart

One of the biggest concerns when dealing with a breakup is how long it will take before they are able to move forward and no longer experience the pain most breakups bring. If you are asking the same question, than you are not alone.

It is typical to feel pain and discomfort after a breakup, no matter what the circumstances.

Healing A Broken Heart

Generally we heard “Time heals all wounds”, but do you really want to wait until for who knows how long before we no longer feel the pain of a breakup? The Answer is No, Here are some things that may work for you to alleviate your pain.

The first step is to cry alone, as much as is needed. This is the painful part but the more you allow yourself to feel this and go through it the quicker you will get past the pain. Your pain will be released by crying.

It’s important to not feel weak for this. It is actually very brave to allow yourself to feel the pain. But remember the more you allow yourself to feel it and express it the faster you move through it and release it.

Anger is okay too and a part of the process, find a healthy way to release it. You might notice you will be more irritable than normal, finding healthy outlets for your angry will help you from doing things you may regret. Beat a pillow, run a few miles, drive to the top of a mountain and scream, or any other healthy expression of anger.

The second step is to share your feeling with your loved ones. It is important not to get into a trash talking session about your ex. You want to share your feelings, fears, hopes, and pain with some of the people you trust. This is another step that is helping you move through what you are experiencing more quickly.

After you have moved through the intensity of the pain, which may come in waves it is very important that you try and stay busy. Preferably doing things that make you feel good or good about yourself. Anything that makes you feel like you are moving forward or doing things for yourself will help you during this time.

A few things not to do!

1. Do not make any major decisions during this time. We are most illogical and irrational when we are emotional. The only saying goes “When emotions are high, IQ is low.” So make sure you save any major decisions until after you have given yourself some time to work through the emotions of the breakup.

2. Do not call your ex. If you feel you may want to be friends in the future, that is fine and okay. BUT NOT RIGHT NOW. Every single time you have contact with your ex you are opening a wound. You must allow the wound to fully heal before you can have any contact with your ex. Yes, even a text message or seeing their facebook counts! login
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